News: Introducing our latest language addition: Portuguese

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We're pleased to announce that we have now introduced a new speech recognition language. The Portuguese speech recognition language is available to support all medical software providers.

Alexander Kolnerberger, Head of technology, said: "we’re pleased to be able to reach this significant milestone with the release of the Portuguese language. After intensive work across the teams, we’re delighted with the result of this impressive release. Not only perfectly fitting the medical use case it was developed for, but also capturing the richness and diversity of the Portuguese language."

Recognosco now supports the following languages across a variety of specialties including medical, legal and business environments:

✅ Danish
✅ Dutch
✅ English UK
✅ English US
✅ French
✅ French Canadian
✅ German
✅ Italian
✅ Norwegian
✅ Portuguese
✅ Spanish
✅ Swedish

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