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Recognosco is committed to a business to business distribution model with no direct approach to the end customers of our integration and distribution partners.

In-direct Approach

End-customers buy solutions from their trusted supplier and the fact that Recognosco components are embedded within such systems is irrelevant to the user, provided the system fully satisfies their requirements.

As our partners know and understand their customers’ needs, Recognosco actively involves its partners in its product roadmapping process, gathering input on the specific features and functions required to provide improved productivity and ease of use at the end customer level. We incorporate partners’ change requests within releases in a timely manner and many of our partners appreciate our flexibility and willingness to support them.


Partnership is a driving philosophy within our company. We have a strong belief at Recognosco that business relationships should always be open, fair and beneficial for all parties and we’re happy that we have business partners with similar principles.

Such partnerships are already successfully deploying our technology in Europe, North and South America and Asia Pacific, embedded within our partners’ solutions, providing significant return on investment to their customers in healthcare and the legal business.


Recognosco is committed to a business to business distribution model with no direct approach to the end customers of our partners. We have a growing number of relationships with partners across the industry. A selection of which are listed below.


Felix profile

Mag. Felix Frick – Head of Product Management, CompuGroup Medical

“As the leading provider for ehealth solutions in Austria we were searching for speech recognition software which is reliable, performant and can be deeply integrated in our workflow solution. With Recognosco we found not only the software that fits to our requirements but also a reliable and flexible partner for our customer projects. Physicians in our installations are very pleased about the high recognition rate and the learning capabilities of Recognosco which really speeds up their daily work.”


Marco Biraghi - CEO reconice srl

“The fast penetration Reconice has achieved in the Italian healthcare market is by itself evidence of the high quality of RSDK, of its unique performance and stability. Recognosco proved to be a flexible and extremely supportive partner: a strong team with very high skills and competence, always aiming for best performance and success. The confidence my Italian partners have in the quality of our combined offering has led them to already sell and install their products in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador using Recognosco’s Spanish version”

Wolters kluwer klein

Ralph Vonderstein - Managing Director, Wolters Kluwer

“We at Wolters Kluwer designed DictaPlus to maximise productivity to our customers to cover all requirements with a strong focus on the essential: to provide a simple, stable, secure, flexible and convenient solution to optimise the most important working step of professionals: The document creation process. With Recognosco we have an experienced and strong partner beside us, who doesn’t only have the best performing speech recognition in the market but also knows exactly how to establish and live a transparent and equitable cooperation.”

G2 speech

Bert Groeneveld – CEO, G2 Speech B.V.

“As the market leader in speech recognition solutions for professionals in healthcare we know which technology to choose in order to deliver the best solutions to our valued customers. Recognosco has developed an outstanding new speech platform which outperforms any other platform available. Besides this, they are a really friendly, customer oriented company to do business with and are always working to improve their technology to help our customers to work more efficiently.”


Axel Balzer, Managing Partner datatronic beka technologies GmbH

“For almost 20 years datatronic have developed and distributed with a highly motivated and competent team, the professional dictation solution HighSpeech for dictating professions. Even before the founding of our development partners Recognosco, we trustingly cooperated with members of the current Recognosco team. So it was a natural step for us to integrate the innovative Recognosco technology into our dictation solution. Recognosco has proved to be an experienced, open-minded and flexible partner at our side and together we will drive business in the area of digital dictation solutions. HighSpeech comes complete with Recognosco technology.”

Gerard Canadas
Vocalsoft jpg

Gérard CANADAS, Président & CEO VocalSoft SAS

“As one of the main players in the speech recognition market for more than 18 years, we were let down by our former speech recognition technology partner and needed to perpetuate and secure our medical customers. With Recognosco, we have found more than we were looking for: besides providing the best technology on the market, we found a partner that truly listened to our everyday support needs and has an amazing capacity for innovation. A strong, professional and serious partnership!”

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