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Supporting our partner, DFC Systems at the DMEA in Berlin

The Digital Medical Expertise & Applications (DMEA) trade fair took place earlier this week in Berlin. The event brings together healthcare professionals and technology experts from around the world to showcase the latest advancements in digital healthcare. Among the exhibitors was our technology partner, DFC Systems.

DFC Systems is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the healthcare industry, and Recognosco supported them at their booth as their speech recognition provider.

Recognosco is a leading provider of speech technology for medical, legal and professional markets. Together the two organisations presented their cutting-edge products and services at the DMEA trade fair, with a focus on enhancing medical reporting and improving patient outcomes.

"We were excited to be there at the DMEA trade fair and to have supported our technology partner, DFC Systems," said Rob Thornton, CEO at Recognosco. "Together, we're delivering innovative solutions that help healthcare providers deliver better care, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Our speech recognition software is a perfect complement to DFC Systems' solutions, and we were delighted to showcase the benefits of our partnership to attendees at the trade fair."

The partnership between Recognosco and DFC Systems has been instrumental in bringing advanced medical reporting capabilities to healthcare providers. By combining Recognosco's speech recognition technology with DFC Systems' solutions, healthcare providers can benefit from improved accuracy, speed, and efficiency in medical reporting, leading to better patient outcomes.

The DMEA trade fair is an important event in the healthcare industry calendar, attracting healthcare providers, technology companies, and other stakeholders. This year's event has a particular focus on digital transformation, with a range of presentations, workshops, and discussions focussed on the latest developments in digital healthcare.

Recognosco and DFC Systems are among the companies leading the way in this field, and they are using the DMEA trade fair to showcase their latest innovations and highlight their commitment to improving patient care and healthcare delivery.

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